placement rate

AAPT graduates have lifetime career placement services that include access to exclusive job listings, job fairs and our professional network of teachers and employers.

AAPT Boston

2016-2017 Placement Rate = 97%

“Very well organized and professional, from the staff to the facility. AAPT perfectly prepared me for and helped me secure my current personal training job. I couldn’t be more happy with the education and career help I received from AAPT and have recommended them to multiple people already.”
— Natalie Shortsleeve
“AAPT is the best! From my education at AAPT I have been able to launch a successful personal training business in Monterey, CA. I was able to get into a big box gym at first when I got to CA by showing them the AAPT program and from there I have been able to branch out on my own and now rent at a small gym with private clients. I have to say that thus far, AAPT was the wisest educational investment I have ever made. I have been able to put myself through a masters program while earning enough from my work as a personal trainer. Since fitness is my passion, working in personal training while in school does not add any stress to my life and is something I truly love to do. My AAPT degree paid itself off super quick (certainly can’t say that about my BA!) and it has become a lucrative pursuit. The education has proven to be sound, and my programming is still based on the basis of what I learned at AAPT. The system works, and I have had numerous success with a variety of clients. I really cannot recommend AAPT enough! There is so much you can do with an AAPT degree.
— Chris MacNeil