meet the faculty

Years of experience. Industry connections. Advanced degrees and certifications. These are the reasons why our instructors are superbly qualified to make you an exceptional trainer. Another is passion. AAPT instructors are passionate about health, fitness, and personal training. That's why AAPT is the gold standard in personal trainer education.


Ted Bertini

Ted has been involved in the health and fitness field for over 20 years, and like our faculty members tend to be, he is a bit of a superman. We’re still trying to figure out how he manages to cram so much into a single workday and still have the creative energy that he brings to every class.

Ted began his career with an undergraduate degree in Health Education, which he then followed with a graduate degree in Clinical Exercise Physiology. While he was a graduate student at Northeastern University, Ted also worked as Lab Director for the University’s outpatient maximal stress-testing laboratory. In this position, he supervised lab technicians conducting a full range of fitness and body composition assessments, including maximal stress testing, pulmonary function testing, underwater weighing, skin-fold testing, health history screening, and exercise assessment interpretation. Ted was also responsible for the instruction of undergraduate Exercise Physiology students conducting classroom experiments in the testing lab.

After finishing at Northeastern, Ted became the Physical Fitness Director for several area YMCAs, overseeing staff recruitment and training, along with wellness center expansions. During his time with the YMCA, Ted was also selected to be a Faculty Level Instructor for the organization’s newest baseline Fitness Instructor training program and was responsible for bringing the program back to Massachusetts.

Today, Ted is an AAPT Faculty Instructor and Academic Manager, an AHA CPR Instructor, Healthy Back Instructor, and Strength Training Instructor, a practicing personal trainer, a full-time Operations Manager for a tech company, and a family man. Ted specializes in fitness programming for special populations, including youth and senior clientele, those with metabolic disorders, kidney disease, cardiac maintenance needs, and other special health concerns. Ted’s favorite color is orange.


Alexis Bergman Photo_crop.jpg

Alexis Bergman

Alexis is a super-star health and fitness pro with super-star athletic beginnings. Soccer, softball, and basketball all got a taste of Alexis’ talents over the years, but basketball won the greater part of her affections. She played competitively through college, until a series of ACL injuries tore into her junior and senior seasons – and with that, her professional career as the shortest basketball player ended before it began.

True to her super-star nature, however, Alexis did not skip a beat. Recovering from her injuries sparked in her a new passion, and the transition into health and fitness was a no brainer! Alexis graduated from Roanoke College in Virginia with a degree in Physical Education, and she joined the management team at the Roanoke Athletic Club. There, she supervised membership services and learned the ins and outs of providing excellent customer service, making sales, and coordinating the daily operations of the club.

After some time, Alexis began to miss the brutal New England winters of her childhood and her beloved Red Sox, so she decided to move back north. Over the next seven years, she worked full-time as a personal trainer while moonlighting as an Assistant Basketball Coach at Regis College in Westin, Massachusetts and serving additionally as the team’s head Strength and Conditioning Coach. She discovered the joys of helping her clients reach their health and fitness goals, helping her basketball team go from 5-20 to 20-5 (the fourth largest turnaround in all of Division III that year), and helping her individual players achieve the strength and conditioning gains needed to crush their opponents. All the while, Alexis was also a full-time student herself, earning a Master’s Degree in Strength and Conditioning.

Today, in addition to teaching at AAPT, Alexis is a Fitness Director at Healthworks, where she leads a team of 20 personal trainers, helping them to build their training businesses and mentoring them for success. She also continues to train her own individual clients and small groups. Alexis sincerely enjoys working with clients of all shapes, sizes, and ability levels, and she likes to structure her sessions by incorporating “pre-hab” techniques into stability warm ups that precede her form-focused and goal-oriented workouts.

Alexis believes that “success is the sum of small efforts day in and day out,” and she approaches all of her endeavors as trainer, teacher, manager, and mentor with the same spirit of patience, focus, and humility. “You gotta work hard,” she says, “but you gotta have fun and laugh at the same time.”