Meal Planning Made Easy: An Interactive Workshop


Date: Sunday May 22, 2022
Time: 1:00pm-3:00pm
Location: 561 Boylston St. Floor 3, Boston MA 02116


“It takes as much energy to wish as it does to plan.” – Eleanor Roosevelt

Do you ever get to the end of the day, stare at your open refrigerator wondering what to eat, and finally say “screw it” and order takeout? Do you struggle with portion sizes or how to build a healthy plate that doesn’t bore the heck out of you? Are you looking to expand your skill set to further support your personal training clients?

If you nodded your head to any of the above, this workshop is for you.

Join Certified Exercise Nutrition Coach, Heather Buda, in partnership with the American Academy of Personal Trainers, for Meal Planning Made Easy; a 90 minute interactive workshop to learn the foundations of meal planning for a healthy, balanced diet.

At the end of this 90 minute interactive workshop, you will be equipped with:

  • Our 4 proven ways to simplify your meal planning process;
  • What a balanced plate of food looks like and how to measure serving sizes without weighing your food, EVER;
  • What to focus on when searching for new recipes; and
  • Grocery store tips and tricks

Included in workshop:

  • 90 minute interactive meal planning guidance
  • FREE Raffle Giveaway for attendees
  • Snacks and Drinks provided by @heatherbudanutrition and @slatemilk

This Workshop is open to all levels, however, will be geared to those newer to meal planning as well as those looking to build a strong foundation for balanced, healthy eating.

Prior to launching Heather Buda Nutrition, Heather spent 10 years in the public accounting field, sitting at an office desk sometimes 15+ hours/day. She quickly found that Meal Planning was a task that helped reduce some of the stresses faced on a daily basis. Since leaving the corporate world, Heather has been dedicated to making healthy eating more approachable and less restrictive for busy professionals.

Certified as an Exercise Nutrition Coach from Precision Nutrition, Heather works 1-on-1 and in group sessions with clients to break down personal nutrition barriers and challenges, build healthy habits, meal prep and plan, and say goodbye to dieting once and for all.

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