Methods of Strength Training


In-Person (.2 NASM CEU’s)
Date: January 30th, 2022
Time: 10am-12pm 
Instructor: Kevin Cann
Location: 561 Boylston St. Floor 3, Boston MA 02116
Course Learning Objectives
  • To prepare the student to understand various terminology related to the methods of training
  • Understand the qualities that each method trains
  • Understand how to program each method effectively
  • Understand the recovery implications of each method
  • Understand the history of these methods
  • Students will be given examples of how these methods are utilized in effective strength training programs
  • Students will have a basic understanding of how to write an effective long-term program using these methods


Methods of Strength Training

(0.2 NASM CEU’s)

Strength coaches need to develop well-rounded programs to get the most out of their athletes.  A well-rounded program will vary the training loads to allow for proper recovery as well as continuous adaptation.  I we only follow progressive overload, we will reach an earlier peak, and stagnation will follow.  The Russians devised an organization of training in the 1960s that trained multiple qualities while varying the training loads.  These methods were written about by Zatsiorsy and are known as the maximal effort method, the dynamic effort method, and the repetition and submaximal effort method.


 I – Methods of Strength Training (Time Allocated: 2 hours)

    • History and Soviet System
    • Maximal effort method
    • Dynamic effort method
    • Repletion/submax effort method
    • Examples from Sheiko and Westside