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AAPT and NASM have joined forces to give you AAPT’s premier classroom and hands-on training in Boston, while you prepare for your NASM Certification exam. 

There are no additional tuition or fees for NASM training or certification.

This means you won’t have to pay for a separate NASM Certification Preparation course or the cost of the exam because that’s included in AAPT’s curriculum and tuition.

As an AAPT grad with the NASM Certification you’ll:

  • benefit from both AAPT's curriculum with NASM being implemented throughout the course
  • easily attract hiring managers at gyms/studios
  • get hired for higher positions and making more money


One of the Leading NASM Schools 

Upon graduation students receive a Diploma, representing the education & hands-on training through AAPT. This is a certificate and it doesn’t expire. Students will also have an opportunity to take the NASM (National Academy of Sports Medicine) exam, as we are academic partners. Included in tuition is the NASM textbook and NASM Certifcation test. If you pass NASM after graduating AAPT, NASM will award you a Certificate of Academic Distinction.

*NASM is taken at test site outside of AAPT