personal training as a career

Most of our graduates are employed in gyms, health clubs, group fitness facilities, athletic training facilities, private studios, corporate wellness centers, boot camps, and/or contracted independently. Geographically, we have graduates working across the globe, from boston to LA to Rome. As an AAPT graduate, we want you to think of the world as your oyster, and it is our job to help you discover personal training opportunities wherever you land.

The demand for qualified, educated, and experienced fitness trainers continues to increase due to population growth and current trends in being mindful, fighting chronic disease, and improving overall health and wellness.

According to, for the occupation of fitness trainers, Massachusetts ranked among the top 3 states for:

  1. the highest concentration of jobs, and

  2. the top paying states

With the industry growth rate projected to be 10% bbetween 2016 and 2026, AAPT is here to prepare you for a rewarding and successful career in this thriving industry!

How to get your personal trainer certification?

Many ask if you need a certification to be a personal trainer? The answer is YES! But wondering how do you get certified to be a personal trainer? Worry no more! Our comprehensive programs and dedicated professionals at AAPT will empower you with all the tools you need to become a Certified Personal Trainer. We do this by providing a challenging, yet supportive learning environment. Becoming an AAPT certified personal trainer means you have made movement your mission by pledging to deliver science-based and fitness instruction to people everywhere. The steps are:

  1. Earn a high school degree: Most certification bodies requires students to have a high school diploma or equivalent so completing the minimum education requirement is important.

  2. Complete CPR Certification:CPR certifications are required by nearly every national personal training certification organization as they teach trainers how to recognize when a client is having a medical emergency.

  3. Choose a fitness speciality: Select a specialization that matches your skill sets, personal interests, and professional goals.

  4. Prepare and pass CPT Certification: Prepare to get a CPT certification. The next step is to register for the examination and pass your test. Once you have passed your test and are CPT certification, you are qualified for multiple positions in a variety of fitness settings.

American Personal Training Certification in Boston

Our coursework at AAPT goes beyond the current standards in the industry. We educate our students to become trainers with a solid foundation in programming and exercise science; all of which enables them to work individually with clients in a range of different settings with the best personal training certification .

Your Success is our Business

We are renowned for the quality of our trainers and the scientific precision as one of the best personal training certification program. All of AAPT programs are curated from comprehensive scientific research. The industry’s most successful experts oversee our American personal training certification programs and partnerships.

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