why a diploma?

Great Question! If you have been researching how to become a personal trainer, you have come to find out that the fitness industry is confusing with a buffet of certifications and organizations.

All of this can be traced to the fitness industry having no public or private regulation, yet. Anyone can call themselves a “personal trainer”. To put this in perspective: every cosmetologist needs at least 1000 educational hours, and are required to retain a state board in Massachusetts.

So what does one do to get ahead in the industry? Simply put, you do as much as you can to distinguish yourself. By graduating AAPT you are educating and credentialing yourself with the highest standard to separate yourself from your peers. AAPT now offers both a Diploma AND the NASM certification exam upon Graduation. Our partnership with NASM has created the ideal platform for our students to Graduate not only educated and with hands-on training, but also prepared to sit for your NASM certification exam, if you so choose, setting you above the rest. 

A Diploma requires no upkeep, while certifications require continuing education courses and renewal fees. The quality of the AAPT Diploma is known throughout the United States, and it brings you connectivity, networking and job placement.