Breath Mastery: A New Paradigm for Optimal Training


In-Person (.3 NASM CEU’s)
Date: 11/11/2022
Time: 1pm-4pm
Instructor: Andrew Greene
Location: 561 Boylston St. Floor 3, Boston MA 02116

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Course Objectives:

  • Understand the basic mechanism of the diaphragm (NOT just belly breathing)
  • Understand how to identify clients who need help with diaphragmatic breathing
  • Learn to coach three different breathing techniques for three different client situations
  • Learn the difference between tidal breathing and forced breathing
  • Learn when it no longer helps to cue breathing 
  • Go through demos of how to apply in the context of a session


Breath Mastery: A New Paradigm for Optimal Training

(.3 NASM CEU”s)

Breathing is usually an unconscious process.  As such, it is often ignored in a training context.  However, in the same way that so many people lose their movement capabilities with time, a combination of sedentary lifestyle, poor training, and the stressors of modern life has led to many people losing the normal dynamics of breathing, and with this, also losing the normal dynamics of movement. 

With better breathing comes better client results. Increase client buy-in by improving their static posture and joint ranges of motion. Learn to tone down someone’s nervous system activity or to ramp it up. Learn to use breathing to bust through strength plateaus.  Learn when it is appropriate to focus on breathing and when the breathing will take care of itself.

Course Objectives:

  • Understand the basic mechanism of breathing and how it can go wrong

  • Learn how to use breathing to unlock range of motion and improve resting posture with your clients

  • Learn to use breathing in warmups to facilitate stronger and safer workouts

  • Learn when and when not to cue breathing

  • Work on applying these tools in real client situations


I – Presentation w/Intermittent Demos
(Time Allotted: 1.5 Hours)

II – Gym Floor
(Time Allotted: 1.5 Hours)