Fundamentals of Running


In-Person (.2 NASM CEU’s)
Date: 12/9/2022
Time: 1pm-3pm
Instructor: Scott Alexander
Location: 561 Boylston St. Floor 3, Boston MA 02116
Fundamentals of Running: running is simple, but we often overcomplicate it. In this course we work our way from head to toe to discuss the movement of running, how to incorporate strength and mobility, useful running equipment, and how to build your running base as an endurance athlete. Leaving this course you will feel confident coaching or undertaking a short and long term running career.


Fundamentals of Running
(0.2 NASM CEU’s)
It is in our nature to run, yet it is the nurture of modern living has conditioned our bodies to be less apt to sustain the rigors of long distance running. By balancing the specificity of training, where the more you run the better runner you become, with more balanced weekly routine including strength training and mobility work; you can become a more successful runner with less risk of injury. In addition to learning how to build a sustainable running regiment we will look at running mechanics from head to toe. Discussion will also include a cursory look at equipment and how it can be different for everyone.
I – Introduction
  • History of running
  • Human body and unique properties for running
II – Running Mechanics
  • Easy and light
  • What to focus on and how to breath
  • Breakdown of body parts and goal for each in running
  • Stride length, cadence, foot striking, uphill vs down hill vs flat running
  • Creating a checklist
III – How to incorporate strength and mobility
  • Warm up and cool down (dynamic vs static stretching)
  • Coaching the hip hinge
  • Drills and good exercises
IV –  How to build a weekly plan
  • Looking at a running routine in 6 week cycles
  • How to build up for a 5k
  • Time runs vs distance runs
V – Equipment
  • Shoes, time keeping, clothing, fueling.