meet the staff


kim garcia

Co-Owner & School DIrector

Kim has been at AAPT Boston since 2012. She fell in love with everything that AAPT stands for. As the Director of the School, Kim is focused on continuing to maintain a high standard of education and to help bring clarity to an Industry that is rapidly growing. 

Why the fitness industry inspires you?

The fitness industry is ever changing. There is always something "new and cutting edge" coming out that promises to provide quicker results than the next. What inspires me about the Industry is the fundamentals of Fitness. As an athlete I was first taught the basics and then continued to build upon them as I developed. I tried new practices but they were always built upon a solid foundation. The Fitness Industry is still in it's infancy with there being so much growth to take place. I love that. I am inspired to help individuals who want to be a part of the ever growing industry, build a solid foundation and core education so they are best able to be successful & effective trainers/educators.  

What do you like to do in your spare time?

I enjoy spending time with my family & friends. The beach, outdoor activities, and criminal drama TV are some of my favorite past times. 


  • Bates College 2007

ramon garcia


A former Graduate of AAPT, Ramon started building his Training Clientele while he attended class. Upon Graduation he started his own company called 'Elevate Fitness' and started training exclusive clients in and around Boston. Previous to AAPT, Ramon used to work an 8am-6pm job and was desperate for a change of career. 

I have AAPT to thank for my career and all the success and happiness that comes along with it"

He is now passionate about helping others, like him, who want to find success and have a career in the Fitness Industry. 

Why the fitness industry inspires you?

The fitness industry has inspired me to live a more holistic life. With a better understanding of how I function physically, I can keep myself feeling youthful while still growing my family to new heights. 

What do you like to do in your spare time?

In my spare time I enjoy trying new fitness classes, learning about new methods and expanding my knowledge in the industry. I also enjoy hiking, photography, videography, Watching Moana with my son and enjoying sports events. The sky is the limit once you have goals and aspirations in place! 



  • Bates College 2004

  • AAPT Boston 2012



amy ryan

Admissions & career placement

Amy provides guidance and support to all our prospective students, enrolled students and graduates. You could say she is our very own Wonder Woman here at AAPT.

Amy first started as a student at AAPT, graduating from our Night class in December 2014. She began working in the front office soon after Graduation and has been leading the way ever since. 

Amy believes that, "The fitness industry is the best! It's healthy, genuine, and an all around positive environment. It's great to work at a place that really promotes a healthy quality of life. To be able to see people's lives changed, whether its clients with their trainers or our graduates that go on to become successful in something they are passionate about, is really great."

"AAPT is truly a big family + small Community"

Why the fitness industry inspires you?
When I was younger physical activity & working out helped me over come a lot of stresses and anxieties. I truly feel my best when I am working out and making healthy eating choices... Endorphins are no joke!

The fitness industry is always changing- there's always new research and something new to learn. It's really amazing to learn from the trainers/our independent trainers at AAPT- everyone has their own style and their own passion. [The best trainers are always learning.]

What do you like to do in your spare time?
Walk my dog Rocco, practice calligraphy, and dance to 90s music



  • North Shore Community College 2008

  • AAPT Boston 2014