The Leading Personal Training School In Boston

“AAPT has raised the bar for all personal trainers. Learning concepts in the classroom then going out into their private gym and using these concepts with hands on training really helped me learn to be a great personal trainer. Their affiliation with NASM means Grads are educated and certified and will be in high demand in the quickly growing fitness industry.”
— Chris Connolly, 2012 AAPT Graduate

”American Academy was by far the best decision I’ve ever made in my life. I wanted to hone my craft and there was no other choice but to be a graduate of the school. The professors were amazing and so helpful, they never let me down! Because of the education that I got from American Academy of personal training I am now an owner of a thriving business (Freddylive Fitness). I will forever be grateful to this school and everyone that is a part of it.
Thank you AAPT!”
— Freddylive Fitness, 2013 AAPT Graduate
Joining AAPT has been a life changing experience. I’ve always had a passion in fitness but my career background was in finance and I had doubts about my abilities. Although I had no previous experience in fitness AAPT provided me with all the education and experience needed to be successful in the industry. My instructors Alexis and Ted were phenominal in preparing me and in just 6 short months i was able to transition from my office job to full time personal trainer at Equinox! AAPT was the best decision i’ve ever made, my only regret is that I didn’t sign up sooner. I highly recommend AAPT. The staff is very helpful, don’t hesitate to contact Amy or Kim for information on upcoming courses. Thanks AAPT!
— Francesco Montefusco, 2015 AAPT Graduate
Show don’t tell is the type of education I received at AAPT Boston. The lessons went beyond general anatomy and simple movements, we learned application of skill sets required to be an effective personal trainer. There is more than just learning the nuts and bolts of being a personal trainer or simply knowing the right answers to pass a certification test, at AAPT we learned to be trainers that approach problems head on and address them to the satisfaction of potential clients. If you are truly serious about wanting to make a career as a personal trainer you should start be signing up at AAPT.
— Jeffrey Joseph Poirier, 2011 AAPT Graduate
AAPT (Boston) was a wonderful experience with outstanding instructors and staff who provide and go above and beyond the materials provided to the students. This is definitely one of the most professional teaching environments I’ve learned from! Jan class of 2012!!
— Dave Willis, 2012 AAPT Graduate
“Excellent balance of classroom learning and hands on learning. Would NOT have learned all that I did, in the time frame I did through just a classroom setting. Staff are 100% supportive and empower you to be successful in the personal training career. Professor is highly knowledgeable, clear, and fair across rules/regulation, dependable, reliable, and realistic or up to date with today’s issues and concerns. Recommend AAPT 100% to anyone interested in health and fitness as a career and/or as a course for self-education!”
— Yasmina Estepe, 2017 AAPT Graduate
“Loved AAPT! Ted was an amazing teacher and taught me more than I learned in a year in college. The hands-on experience and materials given made it easier to study and retain the information. Definitely would recommend AAPT!!”
— Ashley Baril, 2015 AAPT Graduate
Attending the American Academy of Personal Training was THE BEST decision I have made. The way the program is designed and the awesome staff really helped me get the best education possible. The way Graham Smith taught the material helped me to retain more information than I’ve been able to in the past. Because of this school and our teacher, I now own and operate a very successful personal training studio in Upstate NY.
— Kevin Webb, 2011 AAPT Graduate
AAPT is by far the best thing I’ve done, you learn sooo much it’s awesome how the staff really cares about their students and takes their extra time to help us! I’m almost done with the program and wish that there was another course I could take. All in all AAPT is the best!!
— Jeremiah Quinn, 2013 AAPT Graduate
Best decision I made was attending AAPT. Graham Smith was my teacher, he was great! I’ve never liked schools or classes but I had a blast at AAPT. The fact that you spend time in the class room and the gym each day really makes you grasp everything they teach you. I looked forward to class every day which I have never been able to say before.
— Kimberlyn Jean, 2011 AAPT Graduate