Earn Your Personal Trainer Certification

Personal training is an industry-regulated profession which uses professional certification to serve as the mark of professionalism, knowledge and dedication to the field. AAPT continues to be the leader in the industry setting utmost standards and offering enhanced opportunities in fitness education.

At the American Academy of Personal Training Boston (AAPT), our team has a mission to educate students seeking a personal trainer certification in Boston. We provide an excellent,hands-on learning environment where our students can develop the skills and overall knowledge they need to become active leaders in the personal training industry. We help our students achieve successful careers as fitness professionals.We will empower you with all the tools you need to become a certified personal trainer and achieve your goal.

Course Preparation

The course preparation we offer is extensive and consists of a combination of hands-on practical experience along with classroom lectures, which ultimately leads to a diploma from AAPT Boston and the training necessary to attain the NASM personal training certification. Our courses maximize your skills and ability to help clients excel beyond the ordinary expectations while boosting your career opportunities.Our coursework is up-to-date and relevant based on the current standards and practices in the personal training industry. We strive to build the foundation you need to succeed as a personal trainer, growing your clientele and business along the way. The NASM exam for the personal training certification is included within our tuition. We are not like other certification courses you may find online. Our school provides program of personal training courses, which includes a dynamic learning environment composed of extensive personal instruction and student-to-student interaction.

Learn From the Best

Our personal training certification school in Boston provides the scheduling flexibility that many students need. We offer a (3) three-month full-time program or two options for (6) six-month part-time programs. You can select among daytime, evening, or weekend classes in order to obtain your diploma and NASM certification. We, at American Academy of Personal Training provide you with the best personal training instructors in the industry to help you gain the knowledge, skills, and experience you need to achieve your fitness trainer certification, and also have a successful career as a personal trainer.

Are You Ready?

Are you interested in obtaining the best personal trainer certification in the industry? Among personal training schools, American Academy of Personal Training offers you one of the highest quality programs available.

As a mission-driven organization, we strongly motivate the health and fitness professionals to seek out fitness training certifications. Contact us today for more information or to move forward with your enrollment by filling out our simple application.


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