April Davison, 18 years old, currently enrolled in AAPTs September Day Class.

Why did you choose AAPT:

AAPT is more than just taking a certification test, I am getting the hands on experience I will need for my future career. They really set you up for success and have your best interest in mind.

Tell us about your fitness philosophy:

My goal as a trainer is to share my love for health and fitness with others. I want my clients to look forward to their workouts and not as a chore. There is not a quick fix to health, it is all about developing healthy habits that eventually develop into a healthy lifestyle.

What’s next for April:

After AAPT I plan to get a few years of experience at a gym and learn as much as possible. There is always room for growth. My long term goal is to own my own fitness studio in the city.

Favorite part of AAPT so far:

AAPT has exceeded all my expectations of what any school could be like. I truly feel at home when I’m there!! I love being surrounded with such positive people who have similar goals and mindsets.

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