FOUNDATIONS Personal Training Course

The Leading Personal Training School in New England.

Want to become an educated Personal Trainer in an interactive environment? If you answered yes, then this is the course for you! Join AAPT for our 144 hour, instructor-led, Foundational Personal Training course. Interact with fellow students, get practical hands-on experience, ask questions, and receive instructor feedback. Become a qualified and educated Personal Trainer with AAPT!

 Following the completion of this course, students will be able to: 

·      Identify anatomical structures & basic contraindications to exercise 

·      Describe the role and responsibilities of a certified personal trainer 

·      Explain basic principles of exercise physiology & the relationship between nutrition and physical wellness and performance 

·      Evaluate clients for safe participation in an exercise program 

·      Demonstrate proper use of fitness assessment equipment & proper exercise technique and form 

·      Determine appropriate fitness assessment practices for a varied population 

·      Design safe and effective exercise programs based on client needs and goals 

·      Apply the ACE Mover Method  & use the ACE IFT Model in professional practice

 Who Will Benefit 

Aspiring Personal Trainers

Set yourself apart by attending AAPT’s Hands-On Personal Training Course. This course is great for those seeking foundational level material.

Hands-On Learners

Practice in a real gym with real people, receive individual feedback from instructors in real time, gain confidence in your future profession and graduate with hours of practical Personal Training experience.

Looking for Employment

AAPT gets a plethora of entry-level Personal Training job postings. You’ll also be invited to quarterly career fairs. Receive in-person feedback and assistance with your fitness resume and become a part of AAPT’s extensive Health & Fitness network.




Full-Time Day
8 weeks
Mon, Tues, Wed, Thurs

Upcoming Dates:

January 2024  01/29/2024 – 3/21/2024

April 2024 04/8/2024 – 6/4/2024

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Required to enroll: High School level graduation or equivalent

 What you'll receive 

Job Placement Resources & Network

AAPT graduates are highly sought after in the fitness world. AAPT provides weekly emails with job postings and career opportunities. Take advantage of our quarterly career fairs, resume help, and interview preparation.

AAPT Certificate of Completion

Your certificate of completion from AAPT represents hands-on learning and classroom education. AAPT is proud to have a strong reputation as a hands-on program in the fitness industry.

Personal Training Certification

AAPT is an academic partner of the American Council on Exercise, ACE. ACE is one of the most well known personal training Certifications. Our students will take the ACE certification exam at the end of the course, in our classroom. Upon passing the ACE exam and the completion of the foundation course; AAPT graduates will be awarded a Certificate of Academic Distinction representing the hands-on training they have completed.

 Course Curriculum 

Role and Scope of Practice for Personal Trainers
The ACE Integrated Fitness Training Model
Basics of Behavior Change
Effective Communication, Goal Setting, and Teaching Techniques
Pre-participation Health Screening
Nutrition for Health and Fitness
Resting Assessments and Anthropometric Measurements
Cardiorespiratory Training: Physiology, Assessments, and Programming
Muscular Training: Foundations and Benefits
Muscular Training: Assessments
Integrated Exercise Programming: From Evidence to Practice
Considerations for Clients with Obesity
Considerations for Clients with Chronic Disease
Exercise Considerations across the Lifespan
Considerations for Clients with Musculoskeletal Issues
Legal Guidelines and Business Considerations