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I HIGHLY recommend Ramon as a personal trainer. From our first session, I felt his passion and commitment to me, he was ‘investing’ in me. He focuses on results capturing your baseline and progress (including measurements and body composition). He has you compete against yourself; trying to beat your PR in time or weight – championing your success along the way.

He covers all the necessary topics: mobility, strength, cardio while strengthening known problem areas, to prevent injury. He his knowledge in all topics of health: nutrition , fasting, how muscle fibers are built – if you’re interested he’s happy to share his knowledge.

What I expected was an expert and professional personal trainer – which I got. What I didn’t expect, was to break down my limiting beliefs, and build the powerful, capable women I am. With Ramon’s help, I am learning that I am unstoppable.

This man is absolute gem – do yourself a favor, and book a session today!”

Mary Gagne