Ever since Christina was a child she always loved finding ways to test herself physically and mentally. It started as a teenager when practicing martial arts and absolutely loving and seeing the benefits that not only movement did for herself but for others around her as well! That’s when she knew she wanted to teach it to others. Christina received her instructor certification and began teaching martial arts at 17. She taught all ages from kids as young as 4 to her oldest client being 89, she just loved seeing how much people could change!

When Christina was 23 she and 2 other instructors moved out to Denver, Colorado and opened 2 martial arts locations with they same goal of helping as many people as they could. Through the years her love of movement had her wanting to learn as much as she could which led her to finding AAPT and wanting to get as much hands on experience as she could and learn how to become a personal trainer. After going through the program, she immediately began building up her own base of personal training clients and have taken what she’s learned over the past 15 years with the goal of helping people reach their fitness goals, but also challenging themselves maybe in a way they’ve never challenged themselves before!

Today having the opportunity to not only continue to have a successful base of clients, but to also have the opportunity to instruct and teach the same program that she herself went through is one of the greatest achievements of her life and she hopes to continue teaching students from all walks of life!

Background Education:

American Academy of Personal Training
Boston, Massachusetts

Another Course to College (Boston, MA) Graduated 2009


AHA-CPR/AED Instructor Certification
American Heart Association
BPI for Health Care Providers

MA-DPL Approved Instructor
Massachusetts Division of Professional Licensure