At the age of 6, JD was obsessed with the Ninja Turtles. His parents enrolled him in martial arts so he could practice his moves on someone other than his cousins. There, he learned fundamental pillars that he still relies on today to live a happy, diligent, and successful life.

Shortly after starting martial arts, JD found a new challenge when he walked over to his father’s rusty iron dumbbells. He thought, “I can pick that up.” With a bit of a struggle, he did. But before he could celebrate, he went for the next biggest one. This time, even with everything he had, he failed.

That day, without realizing it, JD set the tone for how he would live his life: he would do whatever it took to lift every dumbbell his father had, no matter how hard he had to work. To this day, he looks at the biggest dumbbell and thinks, “That was my biggest little accomplishment.” And he looks at the smallest dumbbell and thinks, “But that’s the one that started it all.”

JD loves teaching people how to live a well-rounded, healthy life. But his true passion is watching them attain new abilities and limits they never thought possible. That’s what gives him true joy, whether it’s a new ability for a younger client or just getting back what someone once had after an injury or as they age. His happiness lies in the “little wins.”

So, if JD can teach new aspiring trainers to carry on that torch, this world will be a little bit better place, one step and one rep at a time.

The fitness industry inspires JD because there’s always new research and information coming out. To stay current and debunk or inherit these new strategies is almost a full-time job. But being immersed in a well-versed and well-educated school like AAPT makes it so much easier to weed through the BS and give people the correct information. This is paramount as a person who trains himself and clients, and even more so as someone who teaches students to possibly be future industry leaders and trainers themselves.

In his free time, JD loves to play with his kids (the biggest workout he has in his life!), read, train himself to the bone, or drum. He loves to record new music and push the envelope and boundaries of imagining and inventing new ways to experience music through different sensory pathways.

Background Education:

American Academy of Personal Training
Boston, Massachusetts


CPR/AED Certification
American Heart Association

MA-DPL Approved Instructor
Massachusetts Division of Professional Licensure