Kim has been a part of AAPT Boston since 2012, where she quickly connected with the message and values of AAPT. As the school’s CEO, Kim has honed in on maintaining our top quality of education – providing clarity on a rapidly expanding industry.

Bates College 2007

Why does the fitness industry inspire you?

“The fitness industry is ever changing. There is always something ‘new and cutting edge’ coming out that promises to provide quicker results than the last. What inspires me about the industry are the fundamentals of fitness. As an athlete, I was first taught the basics and then continued to build upon them as I developed. I tried new practices, but they were always built upon a solid foundation. The fitness industry is still in its infancy, with there being so much growth to take place. I love that. I am inspired to help individuals who want to be a part of the ever-growing industry, building a solid foundation and core education so they are best able to be successful & effective trainers/educators.”

What do you like to do in your spare time?

“I enjoy spending time with my family & friends. The beach, outdoor activities, and watching criminal drama TV shows are some of my favorite pastimes.”