Welcome to the American Academy of Personal Training’s Graduate Spotlight!

Meet Ben Moll! Ben graduated from AAPT’s July Midday 2009 class. He now works as a legendary Personal Trainer at Best You Training in Andover, MA (www.bestyoutraining.com)

Who was your instructor: Heather Coppock + Sarah Lang
When & where did you get hired after AAPT: I started working for AAPT Boston the week after I graduated in 2009! I went full-time training at a big gym closer to home in January 2014. Gym closed in 2020 because of Covid and I switched to private studio training as an employee in October 2020. I just hit my two year mark at my current job and I’m kicking some serious butt!
What did you do before you were a trainer/attended AAPT: I just finished college in 2008. The economy crashed and there were no jobs. I’ve always been into sports and lifting weights. Looked at many different options and ways to become a Personal Training online. Decided AAPT was my best option to make fitness my career.
Fun Fact about yourself: I’m obsessed with the three H’s; hair, high fives, and heavy lifts.

What is your fitness & health mission/philosophy?
My fitness philosophy is to simply bring it every day. Bring the energy. Bring the strength. Bring the skill and expertise. Bring the patience. Bring the smile and the laughs. Bring the love and passion. All of these elements to each person I see, to every workout, to every project, every. single. day. BRING IT!
What drives you in your career?
I truly love my job! I feel extremely lucky to be able to do this as a career and feel that it is very rare in other career paths. Improving others’ health and fitness and lives through fitness is such a rewarding environment to be in. Over the years, I have built a perfect full-time clientele who appreciate what I do and want me to be successful. My boss and co-workers are amazing and the facility I work at is fully stocked. I grind early mornings each day and get paid very well. My work day never drags.
What made you want to become a trainer?
I wanted to do something I love and be able to kick ass doing it! I was always interested in working out but never really learned the basics.
How did AAPT play a role in your fitness journey?
I’m sure my scenario is very rare. Not only was I a graduate, but I worked for AAPT for 4.5 years! I learned everything I could about the fitness industry. I knew AAPT’s curriculum like the back of my hand. I knew every fitness employer in the region. I still remember every single student that graduated while I was there. But the absolute most important thing about AAPT that made me so successful was… asking questions. Everyday I worked there we all talked about (and lived) everything personal training, fitness, nutrition, health, anatomy, and everything in between. I got the chance to connect with all the instructors, successful graduates, and employers. The knowledge and experiences of others allowed me to know exactly what it would take to be great.
What advice would you give someone who wants to be a Personal Trainer/business owner?
1) Become a Personal Trainer the right way. Go to school. Get a hands-on education. Don’t be scared to ask a million questions. Shadow other trainers. Learn everything you can from everyone in the fitness industry on our journey.
2) Once you become a Personal Trainer, don’t let anyone tell you how to program. Your creativity and training style are unique to you. Hold it dear.
How would you define your style of training?
High energy. Loud. In your face. Annoyingly specific. Fun. Creative. Really f*cking hard. I enjoy using every type of equipment that’s available from machines to free weights to suspension to body weight. I always keep my clients goals in mind when programming.
If you could change one thing about the fitness industry what would it be?
More regulation. Personal Trainers are so important in today’s society. It’s a great career, but no one really knows the best way to get there. There should be a standard licence like most other health professions.
One thing you learned from class (AAPT) that you still use today?
PROGRAMMING! I love being organized. I went fully digital in January 2018. I use a tablet every day to record every workout and all my clients’ stats. I created custom templates and buttons to make setting up workouts a breeze. I feel that organized note taking makes a full-time trainer ultra successful. When you have as many clients as me, you could easily forget stuff.
What is your long-term goal in the fitness industry?
Hoping to train another 18 years in the best shape of my life. Would love to get my kids involved in the health industry as they grow.