It’s a new year, and even though things are different during this crazy time, there’s one thing that has stayed the same. The “new year, new me” mentality plagues the world each and every January. However, it almost always falls through after a few weeks or months. So why are there so many failed new year’s resolutions? A drastic, overnight change in your fitness, diet, or yourself is almost guaranteed to fail. Let’s break down why this method so often doesn’t work, and how you can make actual changes this year to achieve your goals.

Why This Doesn’t Work

Have you noticed that after January, the gym gets significantly less busy? This is because everyone with these grand plans tends to fall off track after about a month. So why does this drop in motivation occur? For most people, these big, unattainable goals often create burnout before anyone can see results. After a few weeks, people get bored or discouraged from lack of results, and stop before they can ever see the results of their efforts. Even if there are results at the beginning, burnout prevents you from sticking with this new routine and often causes you to revert back to old ways. Our brains are not programmed to break or start new habits immediately, even if our conscious minds would like to be able to.

What is the Most Effective Way to Make a Change?

As tempting as it is to want to see immediate results, this is not the path to success. The best way to see change is small, consistent lifestyle changes. Instead of the unrealistic fad diets, commit to eating a healthy breakfast each morning. Instead of making a plan to go to the gym every single day, start with committing to 2-3 days per week. The more attainable the goal, the more likely you are to stick with it.

In fact, there’s actual scientific evidence that starting small is the best way to go. In one study, researchers found that in order to break a habit and start a new one, you must pick a small action that is easy to achieve for at least the first week. Then, build on this progress slowly and methodically.

How to Implement Consistent Lifestyle Changes

Hold yourself accountable! Creating a schedule in which you fit fitness or any other goals into your daily routine will help you to achieve them. If it’s locked into your schedule, then it’s harder to justify skipping a workout or 30 minutes of work. If a healthier diet is your goal, plan your meals and snacks at the beginning of the week, so you aren’t tempted to reach for something unhealthy. Using scheduling and planning is a great way to implement day-to-day change.

Create small goals. Goals are much more attainable when you break them down into smaller parts. Before you lift 200 pounds, you need to lift 20. Setting small goals, and setting dates you want to achieve them by will make a big difference in your motivation, as the large project in front of you will not seem as daunting. Hiring a personal trainer to help guide you toward your fitness goals is another great way to stay on task, motivated, and set realistic goals. Qualified and educated trainers can help their clients work toward their goals in a realistic and attainable way.

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