NASM has joined up with AAPT to provide you with access to materials to take the NASM test, should you choose to do so post-graduation.

AAPT Is A Leading NASM School
As an AAPT graduate you are able to take the NASM exam with a partnership discount. You will also be awarded NASM’s “Certificate of Academic Distinction” showing that you learned in a hands-on intensive environment versus those who just take the NASM test online.


Are now partners! Link Education Fitness is the exclusive education distributor of AAPT’s certificate courses and workshops in Foreign languages.

They offer a 7-week program for Portuguese speaking students who are interested in becoming personal trainers with AAPT`s level of excellence.

Link Education Fitness also offers a variety of workshops and CEUs to provide each student an opportunity to achieve their dream of being a fitness professional.

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AAPT has partnered with Precision Nutrition to offer the opportunity for AAPT Students, Graduates, and non-AAPT graduates to get their PN Certification.

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Department of Education
Link Education Fitness
Precision Nutrition