AAPT has partnered with Precision Nutrition to offer the opportunity for AAPT Students, Graduates, and non-AAPT graduates to get their PN Certification.

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What is the Precision Nutrition Certification?

Imagine if you had all the nutrition, coaching, and change psychology research… all the scientific concepts… all the experience… all the practical “how-to” stuff… all in one place.

If you had a trusted source of education… a proven system… and real-life advice to help guide your professional development.

If it came in a clear, understandable, self-paced learning format that suited your schedule.

And if, at the end of the process, you had a system (like ProCoach) to deliver the habit-based nutrition coaching you just learned, so you can grow a practice while working less and getting better results.

That’s what The Precision Nutrition Level 1 Certification is here for.

In addition to learning how nutrition really works, you’ll understand how people think and act, and you’ll be able to turn that into a thriving coaching practice.

This means you’ll get better results, attract more clients and patients, keep them for longer, and make more money than you thought possible.

Whether you’re:

  • just starting out in the field of health, fitness, or wellness;

  • an established professional in the middle of your career;

  • passionate about health and considering a career change;

  • working with people one-on-one or in a group setting; or

  • wanting to deepen your knowledge of nutrition…

… you can become Precision Nutrition Certified.