We designed our rigorous personal training curriculum to produce the most skilled, the most knowledgeable and the most qualified personal trainers.

If you aspire to become a personal trainer, AAPT Boston is the answer.

Our 300 hour course helps students achieve their fullest potential. This helps them gain initial employment, continued success, and career advancement in the fitness industry.

In order to prepare students for the demands of what it takes to be a top personal trainer, our instructors provide 300 clock hours of education at our incredible fitness center. Our hands-on fitness training course is designed to endow students with practical day-to-day skills, as well as the theoretical knowledge necessary to excel as a personal trainer. At AAPT, we give you the tools you need to excel as a personal training coach.

AAPT’s curriculum is designed to build the foundation you need to succeed as a personal trainer, growing your clientele and business along the way. Our practical and application-focused certified personal trainer course is presented in an easy-to-understand format. You will be able to master complex scientific principles and be prepared to accept the challenge of a certification exam.

AAPT’s 300 hour certification course empowers fitness enthusiasts with knowledge that sets the standard for the industry. Our graduates get hired in superior positions with high salaries.