Becoming a personal trainer is a wonderful way to add meaning to your life by helping people in need. Personal training is serious work though, so having a great education before you begin taking on clients is essential. Personal training courses at the American Academy of Personal Training will provide you with all of the knowledge you’ll need to be a great personal trainer and make a real impact with your clients. Let’s discuss some of the things you can expect to learn during your personal training courses at the American Academy of Personal Training!

Creating Safe and Effective Workout Programs

As a personal trainer, you want to teach your clients how to work out without you there to guide them. The best way to do that is to get to know your client on a personal level and then create a personal workout program that will not only provide them with great results but also be safe for them. Determining the right exercises, repetitions, and rest periods for each individual client is an imperative part of offering high-quality personal training services.

The Basics of Good Nutrition

Good nutrition is something that many of your clients will be lacking. During your personal training course with our trained teachers, you will gain a better understanding of carbohydrates, fat, protein, sugar, and important nutrients that the body needs for success. The nutrition advice you give to your clients will depend on what their goals are. Someone who wants to lose weight will require a different plan than someone who wants to build muscle mass and this section of the curriculum will teach you how to train your clients accordingly.

How to Motivate and Communicate with Clients

Clients look to their personal trainer for not just instruction, but motivation too! You’ll learn how to speak to your clients in a way that pushes them towards their goals and empowers them. Great client communication goes beyond just your words – you’ll learn about good body language, eye contact, and so much more!

Understanding Human Anatomy and Physiology

Understanding human anatomy and physiology is one of the most important parts of a personal training course. Anatomy will allow you to target specific muscle groups and areas of the body to help your client reach their goals, while physiology will allow you to monitor your client’s health throughout a workout and prevent over-exercising. The cardiovascular and respiratory systems both play a major part in any exercise program, so it makes sense that a personal training course would cover those areas of physiology in depth.

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