You have probably heard the saying “you cannot out workout a bad diet” before. It is generally true that most of us cannot outwork a bad diet unless aside from those who were born genetically great athletes. Unfortunately, most of us are the former, and what we eat matters more than how or how much we work out.  Here are the main reasons what we put into our bodies is more significant than what we do with our bodies.

We are What We Eat

There is a common misconception that we can work off all the “junk” food we eat. If only it were that simple. Weight loss or maintaining your weight is tied to BOTH your diet and your workouts. Working out in it of itself will not do the trick and you must always moderate the food and drinks you consume. Nobody wants to be obese or out of shape. It is still easy to let your guard down even if you work out most days of the week. Even if you think you are working out enough, bad food is undefeated when it comes to our bodies. Now, this is not to say you cannot eat what you want or what you like, you just have to eat “unhealthy meals” in moderation. Keeping track of what you have eaten recently is important and it is always a good idea to mix it up.

It Promotes Good Health

When you keep track of what you are eating and consuming, you are doing a great service to your body. A healthy diet will be a springboard for many health benefits and keep your body feeling refreshed. Taking your diet seriously will reduce the risk of diabetes and other ailments.

It can help you reach Your Goals

When you work out regularly and often, you have a goal in mind. By not neglecting your diet, your goals are easier to attain. Working out is not always fun or painless. Do not let your hard work go to waste by being careless with your diet. Always remember that our diets and exercise go hand in hand. It is a never-ending partnership.

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