What is the saying? “Summer bodies are made in the winter” but what exactly does that mean?

Summer is filled with long days of short sleeve shirts, shorts and sitting on the beach. Summer flavored iced teas, tank tops and soaking up the sun. When winter comes we slow down, gain fat and if we could, slumber till the temperature rises above 50 degrees. So, traditionally the change from summer to winter means losing whatever physical gain we made in hot sweaty temperatures to it unraveling in the winter.

Scientists have come up with a list of reasons why winter treats the human body unkind and when you read the list you feel helpless. Things like the decrease in body temperature affects eating habits. The drop of blood sugar in winter forces us to midnight eat. Winter means shorter days which throws off our diet and eating rhythm. The decrease of vitamin D triggers weight gain and the list goes on.

So are we predestined to self destruct in the winter and slide so far backwards we end up looking like we never heard of a plank or a dumbbell? You could purchase new jogging pants with the extra long drawstring. You could cancel your gym membership and change your couch to a pull out bed. You could also get swap out your broccoli, kombucha, and whey powder for snickers, lemon squares and that 5,000 calorie burger.

In that HBO show, every time you heard “winter is coming” you ever noticed how the phrase is to prepare you for something ominous or foreboding. What happens next? They gear up, they train, they prepare. So, to you I am chanting “winter is coming” and I am saying to you it’s time to prepare for the cold weather, the long cold nights, the desire to eat your weight in sugar. It’s time to work harder in the gym. It’s time to get a solid hold on your diet. It’s time to warm yourself up with sweat when it’s freezing cold outside.

Winter is coming!

Written by: Greg Mason